Something Small, 11/28/16.

Yesterday, I went to church and work. I had calmed down from work since then, because my anger was raise based on a schedule change. As  I processed everything, I thought about what was going on. Black Friday was a big event and it required a lot of effort, yet I still think it should have been prepared better. And one thing that gave it more pressure is this: earlier in the week, the manager’s wife, who’s also a manager, went for surgery, I believe. I highly think the manager was worried and couldn’t function normally. The surgery may have scared him. I thought, “Aw… he needs his wife,” but I still had/ have a nasty attitude. I bet if/ when his wife comes back, pressure will be a lot lighter, although the mall has stretch it’s time for shopping, so I’m thinking, “forget y’all and this Christmas shopping.”

Even though I have a lot to say, I am not a manager. I’m not in the position to boss people/ things around, especially with my character and emotions. When I get irritated or upset, I push folks away. I must practicing asking for space in a proper way. Some people may think and/ or say, “Get out of my face,” and people like me should practice asking for space when we need it, and there may be folks who won’t get it, but it will be good practice on how to handle the stresses of life.

And to the men who are married, especially the ones who portray themselves as tough and they got everything under control: if the wife get sick or away, will you all still handling things normally, or are you all functioning like a house with no roof? Some men know they aren’t the same without their wife, and they don’t come off like they can be single. You all need to go and thank your wives and take them out on a date. And hold the door for her and pull the chair out for her, too.  P.S. And can anyone tell me why I heard a song in church talking about it’s not about me, but Jesus? I was called out for my nihilism, and that’s good.


And I’m just getting started.




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