Something Small, 11/30/16.

My thoughts on the election: I was disappointed… in myself. I felt I could have done more. I wished I would have voted in the preliminaries so that I could not vote for a candidate. I didn’t want either of the two main candidates to be elected, and I shared in a previous post that I thought this election was a joke. The day of the election I went online to see all of the candidates and look at their brief Wikipedia profiles. There was one person that sparked my interest and I was going to choose that person. When I get to the booth, the person was not on the ballot, so I voted for an unknown person. I could have written someone in and be okay with it. I didn’t want to vote, and I was told  that people died so that I can vote. I took that to consideration.

What I don’t like right now is how folks were going in on the current president. And folks who favored the other main party bashed the president before the current one. Now, I’m thinking even playing field. I don’t favor one political party because I don’t claim one. There’s a sense of if I choose one over the other that I lose favor on either side, so why not kill that idea and side with Jesus? I don’t think there’s nothing liberal or conservative about that.

At my church and other places, I would hear that American should go back to its Biblical foundation. That’s cool, and it should be highly encouraged, but I want to leave the patriotism out of it, especially when some of the founding folks weren’t Christians. Just be Christians. And America has a lot of fixing to do while returning to Biblical principles. The new elected president said to make America great again. I asked, “When?” What year? What time period? Was it great for everybody, whether skin color, sex, class, nationality, etc.? Some make think differently. I thought America was better for Black people during the 1990’s. Some may say otherwise. A good amount of people would love for America to upgrade how different ethnic groups are treated.

It was told that a good amount of people voted for the next elected president. I don’t feel right about that situation, and I’ll be way off with this one. I felt that the women voted for that person not as their own choice. Those women could be in the same political party, as their families are, and voting otherwise could have jeopardize their family and marriage. It’s like blackmail. Yes, I’m way off, but some have made choices not on personal conviction.

A lot of people have some adjustment(s) to make. This may be a period where people won’t rely on he government and work on improving themselves and assisting those around them. This may be a period where communities build themselves up. This may be a period where people wake up and take more responsibility with their finances and do their part in decreasing/ eliminating this country’s debt. I would like to improve on myself from the inside and outside, accept my responsibility, and continue to upgrade in humility, courage, and faith. It would be too easy to dismiss politics, but it’s needed. I should pray that the Lord raises up leaders who follows  the Lord and le it be the centerpiece on how to be leaders as home, church, their neighborhood, the community, the city, the state, the nation, and the world.


And I’m just getting started.




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