Something Small, 12/2/16.

As the political cloud is getting smaller, I have time to collect some thoughts from the previous months. Last month, I was talking to a few friends, and child support was brought up. I forgot the connection (it may have to do with how we live in a time where people like to “have fun”). Well, I thought about how there are men who have to pay child support to the child (mother) until the cut-off age. Well, the courts, if they get involved, orders the parents who aren’t raising the child to pay child support, and I thought that it was elevated form of prostitution. Yes, prostitution. Why did I think this? I felt like the courts/ government/ system played the role of the pimp (I shouldn’t go further, because there may be people who are using the system). Now, I’m not against child support, or encouraging the parent not acting as the caretaker to not be involved. People in my age rage must be refreshed of our responsibility so that we don’t go fooling around in something we shouldn’t be in. Children are a blessing, and I think they have a better outlook if both parents are involved.


And I’m just getting started.




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