Something Small, 12/5/16.

  • Ever since the black Friday debacle, I decided to take things, responsibility in my hands. On a Sunday when I was asked to work, I took the next week’s schedule and copied it a few times. I took a copy for myself, and a few coworkers got a copy. I did this so that I know what times I work, and the managers know what times I work. I felt like I surprised myself. I was childish when reacting to the abrupt altered schedule, and I need to be able to deal with any sudden changes.
  • I haven’t been wearing my New Balance shoes in a while. A while ago, the company was in some controversy over it’s support for the elected president and its opposition to the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Later, white supremacists said that the company was their shoe of choice, since they support the elected president. The company has issued a few statements afterwards that seemed suspicious to me. Will it stop people from wearing New Balance shoes? Yes and no. There have been videos of people discarding/ destroying their shoes, and New Balance shoes are good. They were the shoes I bought when I had athletes foot a few years ago. If they can pick up from the mess, cool. We all, as shoe connoisseurs, ought to not throw bitterness around while we’re walking, but walk in inspiration.


And I’m just getting started.




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