Product Review: Tom’s of Maine Deodorant (Deep Forest).


A while ago, I purchased Tom’s of Maine deodorant, just to try something new in hopes it will replace what the Arm & Hammer deodorant did. Axe’s Forest (or Night, I forgot) antiperspirant deodorant worked real well, but that scent is really sought after, so I looked for an alternative. I’m insecure about underarm body odor, so I want to find something that really works.

I chose the deep forest scent because it was a good scent and I hoped it would compliment my body. I put it under my arms, and went on my way. Now, I appreciate that it has no aluminum (whatever the importance is), no animal testing, no artificial stuff, and recyclable packaging, but it’s not long lasting, not on my body. When I came home from work and checked my arms, it’s like the deodorant went away, and what’s left is my odor. It’s like Speed Stick. The next few days, I put on more application so that I can maintain, and to get rid of the deodorant faster. I have bought 2 more deodorants later on, and I use one as a base before using the Tom’s deodorant, and it’s working a bit.

Would I recommend Tom’s of Maine deodorant? It depends on who the person is. I would not recommend it for people who perspire more, or need a stronger deodorant based on their body chemistry. The deodorant is more for those who don’t sweat much throughout the day, and their natural scent doesn’t need help. Tom’s of Maine needs an antiperspirant, but even if they have one, they’ll need to go to the labs and see if their deodorants can be use for all body chemistries. And I wouldn’t say they’re long lasting as they’re advertising. As I said before, it’s like Speed Stick, and that deodorant lasted for 30 minutes for me. Now I apologize to anyone if they’re using Tom’s of Maine and enjoying the product, but if I’m paying more that $3.50, it needs to meet up to its expectations.


And I’m just getting started.




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