Something Small, 12/10/16.

This week at work was supposed to be a cool down from the last few weeks, but it was weird instead. Earlier in the week, a guy came in, and I know his shtick, where he gets 2 meals and uses a coupon to make the total go down. The coupons are no longer in use (we stopped using them a while ago), but he, and others, want to use it, saying that an old man told him he can use the coupon (…yeah). I pointed him to the manager, and he said the same thing, yet he told him it was the last time to use the coupon. The customer then tells me that he drives to the place to get our food, and it would be the last time he would do so. It didn’t hurt me that he said it, I wouldn’t be affected by him not getting food from our restaurant. He has/ had challenging orders, and sometimes it seemed like mind games were used in order to get the prices lower or to get a free meal. If he comes back or doesn’t come back, cool, but cooperation must be well with the customer and the employee.

This Saturday, I came off of my first break to an increasing line. Earlier, one of the coworkers was helping me move the line forward, but he was taking orders as if the previous customer already moved on. The only one who respects the process for orders is one of the managers and another coworker. Now, after lunch, I was taking orders and the live was the line on a Saturday afternoon, but the coworker who was trying to help earlier (who was passing out samples) said I need to work faster. I “jokingly” told him the next time he takes orders I’ll do the same thing. I didn’t know he had an attitude, and after a few coworkers acknowledging it and talking to me afterward, it messed with me emotions. I had messed up thoughts of vengeance, and I shouldn’t be thinking to throw hands since I don’t fight, ever. The coworker already was in my space trying to get the line moving, but it’s the line. Not everyone will order, pay an exact amount, and move to the right. Some will take time to order, some will add to the order, and some will take time to pay. Also, not everyone works the same. I can’t work like the other coworkers. If anyone wants me to work “faster,” they should encourage it, not fuss it out or complain about it. Was I working slowly? I didn’t hear anything from anyone else. And this coworker is known for having a temper. When I popped off the way I did, it was like saying don’t push me over. I only know of two managers, and I feel like he wants to be the boss… no. I thought, if he wants to take control of the cashier to move things faster next time, I’ll step aside, not to take notes, but to see if he really can move the line along. I felt confusion every time he was putting the orders in place, and I’m not all there in the head. Both of my managers consoled me afterwards, but I didn’t know what the other one was saying since their English was very broken. They just told me to take it easy. Now looking in the mirror, how dare I get involved into something so minor? How dare I react to those types of conflict? I’m supposed to know better than that. I know Who taught me better. I must handle those situations better because of Who taught me. I must not respond in conflict or irony, as I was thinking.

Two old “demons” popped up when that happened: I’m not fast enough at work and I can’t stand up for myself. I hate both of them, and I would love to see them hang on a noose while being set on fire. I’m not a pushover, and I’m not slow. I believe because of circumstances those things are brought forth. I believe something was going on with the coworker that the mess happened. I was just without enough sleep, and they’re the ones who drink energy drinks. I don’t know why those two “demons” pop up when they do, but when they show up again, they’re going to have to answer to the Father, and I don’t think He shows mercy.


And I’m just getting started.




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