Late To The Party: Song Review/ Retrospection, “She Wolf”

When I used to be a food delivery driver, I would occasionally have to wait for the food to be ready to be picked up. One afternoon while sitting ad waiting for the food, I heard a song from the speaker. I didn’t recognize it at first, but when the vocals came in, I started to pick it up. It was Shakira’s song, “She Wolf.” The reason why I didn’t recognize it at first was because of how I perceived the downbeat, the first beat of a measure in music.

I was interested in the song more when I misinterpreted the downbeat. When I originally heard it, the song didn’t catch my attention. I wouldn’t catch myself picking up any Shakira albums. But when I heard the song the way I did, I was thinking, “I could listen to this,” but I would have to program my mind and ears to reorder the downbeat.

That’s happened to me before with other songs. I would hear them, but later on it would sound completely different to me when I catch the downbeat. If I decide to make beats again, I would try that technique. Now, it’s difficult to hear “She Wolf” with 3 as the downbeat instead of 1. It sounds weird, but I’m not normal.


And I’m just getting started.





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