An Observation on Prayer.

Recently, my mother’s kitchen floor was fixed. For a while, the floors were sinking from internal damage. I didn’t put the information out there because it was between immediate families. I didn’t feel comfortable sharing at the time. Repairs have been made, but there’s still work to be done. The fixtures have been prayed over, and I continue to pray for them.

I had to be taught again that prayer works. I was into reading the Bible nearly every day, and I put prayer on the back burner. I didn’t stop having conversations with the Lord, but I should have had more conversations. Continuously having conversations with the Lord keeps me away from a great amount to mess, ones I make and ones that are being made. I felt a difference in my life whether or not I prayed. I know I didn’t pray when I sinned, but it was me who didn’t communicate. God’s communication was always open. Some people have an Old English way of praying, some have a conservative way of praying, some more logical, and some open-minded, and that’s cool. I want to continue talk to Him as a best friend, my “boy” (not like He’s my boy, for He’s my Lord/ savior/ counselor, my friend over all close friends). In the past, I did pray to get things, but as a got older, I learned that prayer is a conversation, so I speak about anything that I’m brave enough to talk about, but I’ve become more bold to speak on anything.

Earlier in the year while working my 2nd shift job, I took a little time to pray in one of the rooms in the hospital clinic. I enjoyed making knee dents in the carpet. I would have liked for the prayer requests to be carried out earlier, but I’m on God’s time. I would rather pray for the fixtures to be carried out or for me to get wisdom to carry out the fixtures. Either one would be okay. But someone made an offer with my mother to do the fixtures, which took a while to complete the kitchen. But before they placed the rest of the floor in, I laid scriptures on the wood/ plywood/ some kind of wood. We have the kitchen, where I prepared most of the dinner we recently ate at the table. It felt good to make a meal for the family, two different flavors of baked chicken and vegetables including green beans and green beans are my least liked vegetable. In between obstacles and transitions, I’ll continue to pray to the Lord, not because I want something, but because I want to pray and I need to so that I can maintain in life.


And I’m just getting started.




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