Something Small, 1/16/17.

Being sick during the first part of the year was messed up. I came from a conference and started working, and on a Tuesday while drinking a Fuze drink during work that had some weird stuff in it, and eating two limited items from Taco Bell, I came home and started to cough. That following week was so messed up. I would say that it was horrible. I could have stayed home from work, but I thought I should work because I missed so many days being away at a conference. I took medicine and saw a physician, surprisingly on a follow up. My cough got bad, hurting my back/ lungs. I knew I can get a messed up cough, but I didn’t think it could do the damage that it did. I guess it’s a part of getting older. I thought it kept me from doing or starting things. But if I’m sick, I believe my body is saying, “We need to be put on hold for a while until you’re ready to move.” Maybe I was doing too much around the time. But really, Kentucky’s weather was going up and down, and it messed with people’s health (and it still does). I had to get this out there. Getting well and staying well requires knowing the body and what the body needs, I think. Like now, I would like to work on my back and making it stronger for my health, since the cough worked my lungs. I don’t know how to end this but to say get well and stay well.


And I’m just getting started.




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