Brandon’s Rhyme (Writing) Corner.


(Lord) I had a change in my attitude. Back then, I would resort to extort nihilism and be rude.

I didn’t like surprise changes. Old-new news was like strangers. How could I explain it? It may be like waking up in the afternoon instead of morning. It throws me off while I’m yawning.

The old me is expressed every so often, but I want him popped off and laying in the coffin.

I must read the Bible every day, getting in line. During the day, I should put in more time to pray.

And I want to keep the habit. I’m waiting for the time to meet You, Lord. I got to have it.

Heaven or Hell. I don’t care where I go. I want to know if I can see Your face. For sure, not for show.

I used to believe in things that proved to be temporary. Now, I have better guidance. Life is far from imaginary.

I know there are people who don’t believe You. They want a sign, a miracle, and to “see” You.

And I know I’m far from off when I’m far from being condemned and (my) condemnation is in the coffin.


Six feet deep. Six feet deep? I need my sins to be buried further and eternally sleep.

All that growing up built up my character. I tried to be on Earth just as an inhabiter.

But I make moves often. I serve God, hopefully to have all my sins in a coffin.


And I’m just getting started.



Atonement, drawn 12/2010. I was inspired to draw this while in seminary. I think the letter to the Colossians was involved.





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