Something Small, 1/25/17.

At the start of my work week, there was a male and female who ordered from us that evening. The female ordered first, and she was nice. The dude ordered, and it was different from the woman, and when he got the total he wanted to know why his cost more than his friend/ girlfriend/ wife/ I don’t know. The woman gave the best logical answer: he had shrimp with his order. He changed his to get what she ordered. I asked where they were from (since I picked up an accent), and he seemed offended. He basically said he’s not from America, as if I’m not supposed to know. As I was handing him the receipt, he quickly took it (I’m being polite. it was a snatch). There was a lady after him who ordered who was not with them. I said sorry to her for what went down, and she gave me a look of “I know,” I believe. A while later, he comes back to order 2 spring rolls with exact change (he paid with a card earlier). As I saw the couple walk out, he seemed to have a little attitude in his movement.

What messed me up about the whole thing was the attitude. I think there was some cockiness, and mix that up with folks who are polite doesn’t make for a good time, I think. The woman, who was polite, logical, and understanding, was the one who spent the most time with the dude, so who knows what went down previously. How the dude responded to my question was a “back away. I’m a rattlesnake (:P)” moment (like, was I offensive for making small talk?). It could have been that he felt bad that what he wanted cost more, or it could have been that something happened earlier that day. I did pick up the attitude, the pride, and to challenge it would be messy. I thought about messing with the situation, like asking, “would you want the lady to pay for your meal?” That would have been so messed up. I don’t think men like that, especially if they are injected with a lot of pride and/ or machismo.

I commend the woman for dealing with that type of… I don’t want to be confrontational behind the keys, but it’s a reflection, so I’ll say it… arrogance. Men, we do have arrogance, and it takes something bigger than us to knock it out. I thought about it later, and it could have been insecurity involved. Men, I don’t think we want our insecurities exposed, and when they are, it may make us feel less of a man (somebody comment on this to see if I’m 100% wrong). At the end of the day, I handled the situation better than I would have months ago. I feel sorry for both the woman and the dude. Wherever they are in life, I hope they keep on growing. I do hope the woman find more compassionate friends, and I hope the dude hangs out with humble people.


And I’m just getting started.




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