Inner Culture Shock?

Disclaimer: I forgot what culture shock means, but I’ll look it up later.


Before a Super Bowl party, I bought some chips (Doritos) after working a few hours, and went home for a nap. After a nap, I went to the party, and when I got there I put the chips in the freezer. Later on, the co-host, the wife, opened the freezer and saw the chips. She asked who put the chips in the freezer, and I spoke up after ciphering through the sounds. The response were various, from intrigued to questionable. Some asked why I put chips in the freezer, and I said it tasted better and they have a more crisp texture, but it didn’t come out that way. A few guys tried the chips, but the chips weren’t all the way cold/ frozen.

This isn’t the first time this had happened, I think. I discovered freezing Doritos chips several years ago at home just to see what cold chips tasted like, and I liked it. I went back to seminary out of my home state, and I mentioned it with a young adult church small group, and they were puzzled, and one of them dipped into Black mannerisms (they were Chinese).

With all being said, I wonder how much isn’t shared within America’s various cultures. I know food is a big inviter, clothing, too, but what about everything else? Exchanges go on between various cultures, colors, and people groups. Some cultures borrow from other cultures without giving recognition. I find that messed up. Some cultures dismiss what other cultures do or make what they do super exclusive, and that can be messed up, too. Example: originally, Hip-Hop music was thought to be a fad at first, but now it’s in people’s family photo. When I opened people up to what I was doing with my food, it was like they saw Bigfoot.

I had a chip on my shoulder. Psyche. I have a grudge that I need to let go of. I have a problem when a person or more shows something from their culture/ people group, and it’s dismissed and/ or taken. Or if they do something that receives low response, but when someone from another culture/ people group does it, it gets high praises. I don’t like it, and I wish for it not to happen, but they do, and I must let it go.

I don’t know how to end this, but to say don’t be afraid to step out of the box. I think when people stay inside of their box; fear is built up for anything outside of their box. Life is too short to hate on what’s outside of the box. If anyone is introduced to something new, don’t be afraid to try it out before moving forward. Why not try food from the Russians, or check out the clothing styles from Kenya, or listen to music from Sweden. I’m different in my own box, anyway, so why not do what I do. That fear is keeping people in bondage. Drop it and start sharing.


And I’m just getting started.




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