Something Small, 2/10/17.

This one is everywhere. I don’t think any male wants their masculinity to be tested, at least most of them. There may be some who wants it to be tested because of their nature and they want thrills. I don’t want it to happen because I’m not the one to start confrontation like that. At work, there were both men and women who wanted to get the order they wanted to challenge the price of the food, and I would have to explain the best I can, sometimes with the manager stepping in. Why do people try others? I think it starts off when we’re kids, where some picked on others because it was fun to them. Getting older, children learn a little more differences between male and female, and would take the opportunity to “test” them. In adulthood, pride takes on a whole new form, and fusing that with masculinity can make some results that can sometimes end up on the evening news. How many have heard stories like, “he stepped on my shoes,” or “he thinks he better than me,” or “he tried to holler at my girl,” or “he cheated me out of some money?” I’m learning to let go of that unnecessary pride, past and present, so that my future is better. It’s tough to say, but there will be dudes who are stronger, bigger, smarter, wealthier, tougher, faster, or something that messes with men’s egos. I did not mention spiritual, or emotionally healthy, or wiser because I think the ego thing is more based on a physical aspect. I think men want to be the top of the food chain, and will compete to do so. A good amount of men are wise enough to not give in to the unnecessary prideful drive to me the most macho, until a beautiful woman passes by. Ha.


And I’m just getting started.




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