Something Small, 3/3/17.

  • A few days ago, on my way to church, I ran over a squirrel. I don’t care much about running over other animals, like a gopher or a groundhog (whatever got into my little garden), but it was a squirrel. And I saw how it moved, and it could have not gotten hit. I felt real bad. I asked the Lord to forgive me, and I thought, “How could I ask for forgiveness when I can’t forgive others?” I was being reeducated about forgiveness, and I’m blessed for it.
  • I don’t like how customers “lie” where I work. I placed lie in parenthesis because they may not be. They’ll say one order where I am, and say another thing on the other side. I do forget to include things sometimes, some forget to include what they wanted, and while others think I missed something. One “lie” got to me last weekend, but they happen.
  • A few new people were hired at my job recently. One left, and the other is still there. A few of the coworkers has some hostility towards that person, wanting them to do work. What’s crazy is that it is within the same people group, so they can use their familiar language. I talk to the person, who wants people not to dislike them, saying to not worry about it. I look at it from various angles: the person must focus while working, be inquisitive, not worry, be able to work while talking, and have a “what’s next to do” ethic, but that’s my opinion and suggestion. The person is young, like legal adult in high school young, so they have a lot to learn while going to school, trade school, and having a job. What I don’t get is the hostility. I understand that they want the person to work, but the person doesn’t have the work mentality they have. Why not become an encourager instead of using brash, imperative statements? I understand where the young person is coming from a little, where people outside of managers won’t be the encourager and instead make statements about the work ability, so I’m more like, “be yourself, and step your game up, and work smart/ hard.” I recall helping one of the other coworkers on the line when they started, so they should be one of the last ones to complain. If any person is expressing a will and humility to work, we should be a help so that they can be one of the hardest workers in this country. They could be one of the few who could get this country out of debt.


And I’m just getting started.




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