Last Year in Review.

Last year was… an experience. There were a lot of things that happened that changed the course of my life, and I will do my best to recap them. Let’s go.

  • Employment- I had to change employment 2 times last year because I had to leave my other job, not because I wanted to. I did two things I thought I wouldn’t do: do janitorial work and work a cashier. I currently like the job I have, better than the last one, but I would like to get something that boosts my financial situation.
  • Relationships- I had to think of myself as a villain based on how I treated others sometimes. I wanted to take a break from some social activities because of how I felt. I got that break, but after that I realized some folks wanted me around. They want my company. I was selfish in my actions, and that selfishness hindered growth. I have to have a personal conversation with myself a few times over that, and I still do. Perhaps wanting to break away out of unprocessed emotions is an old demon, so I must have it taken out. One thing I’m learning from last year is to be there and be like, “What’s going on? Let’s deal with it.” I’m easing out of the timid mess. I have to be open to being a friend, a listener, and to make new friends.
  • Politics- I don’t claim a party, not right now. I haven’t been doing my job of praying for Christian leaders. And now, I need to pray for my country to wake up. A lot to things go on in the country that people aren’t aware of, maybe because they’re not in front news, or maybe because they don’t care. I may get the “This is not my America,” or “I didn’t vote for this,” or “We’re better off without..,” but the country I live in is made up of a lot of things, and trying to graft them out may be a mistake, whether it’s culture of people groups. I think my country has lost some respect, and I think it’s going to take a lot of prayer to get new respect.
  • Spirituality- It was a blessing to be consistent in reading the Bible. I learned a bit from the books even though some of the things I read were challenging. I said to myself next year I wanted to add one more book since I was reading three, and I was preparing myself for it. I was also blessed to have prayers answered, like being delivered from anxiety. I completely forgot about it for months until now, and I remembered thanking God during my former second shift for the deliverance. I also thanked God for helping me get rid of my tonsil stones. I realized that if God said “no” to a prayer request, I was okay with it because He was talking to me. Most of my conversations with Him were while driving the car.

This year, I want it to be an upgrade. My goals are continuing from last year with a few additions: get swimming lessons, continue to read the Bible, become debt free, increase the quality in employment based on my qualities/ experience, get in a relationship, become selfless, become more kind instead of nice, get wiser, become consistent with blogging, regain my love/ interest in music/ art, and be more open to myself and folks around me.

It’s time to get uncomfortable.

And I’m just getting started.



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