Something Small, 3/12/17.

Last week, a new coworker told me that they had a disagreement with another coworker. This is the same new coworker who the 2 coworkers didn’t like because they were new and adjusting to the pace. So, to fast forward, the new coworker and the old coworker had a disagreement when I wasn’t there, and it came up because the new coworker was asked to help them, and they refused the help all because of what happened a few days ago. I told the new coworker to let things pass through, let it go, forgive themselves and others, and that those things happen, so they will have to deal with them in a mature way. I said those things because it happened to me, and I want them to deal with it better than me. If they do, they may turn out better than I. What’s crazy is that I think the other coworker’s spouse heard what I was saying. If they did, they did. They could tell their spouse what I said, because it was truthful. I didn’t want to explain what I did as far as prayer, but I mentioned it. Disagreements, arguments, and fights will happen, but it’s how we handle them. I hope we all process them in a mature manner, release the anger without physical and emotional damage, and grow up. I need to make money, and others’ frustrations won’t help me make money, and others may feel the same way.


And I’m just getting started.




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