Something Small, 3/24/17.

  • Next month, I’m supposed to be getting more hours at work because one of the managers will be leaving for a trip for a few weeks. The only thing I want to happen is that I get one day off in the week, one day off. I don’t want to be worked and overworked because a manager is scared they’ll be undermanned. We have weekdays where there’s boring periods. It’s the weekends where we’ll get more money. I understand if someone has a sick leave (which we currently have), but to doubt that we need help… no. We need three more people, one being a cashier.
  • I like watching wrestling entertainment, and last week a female wrestler had her information hacked and leaked onto the internet. The information included photos and videos of adult content. It is wrong for her property to be leaked out onto the internet without her permission, and I hope justice is served for her and everyone who is innocent in this ordeal. What I don’t understand is why save a video (and photos) with adult content on an online saving space. Those things will stir up more drama than videos showing girls fighting. It’s got people on the internet posting comments, good and messed up, on YouTube pages, twitter, and message boards. And the video(s) were kept long after the hacked victim has moved on with her life, and they could have been deleted. Maybe it was forgotten, yet something like that is huge. For me, it’s like seeing a boulder, forgetting it’s there, walking towards it, and bumping myself onto the boulder thinking I had a clear path. I really hope things get settled with the woman and she can rise above what happened. It is a crime to expose their personal property without their consent.
  • Politics can get messed up. Some people on the right wing don’t like the people on the left wing, and they need each other to fly.
  • If I get my work schedule in order to where I get an early leave, I will start writing stories. It’s time to grow more in writing.


And I’m just getting started.




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