Worth The Weight? Part 1


Photo taken in 2012.

My current weight: around 210 pounds


Weight is not much of an issue for me as it was in the past, but I still keep my mind on it for health reasons. Growing up, I was skinny. There may be a few pictures where I was cheeky, but I had a skinny childhood. I have a picture with one of my cousins, and my sweater was loose where folks could see the shirt underneath. I was thin through college, and I don’t know my eating habits back then. I remember having ramen noodles, cereal, hot dogs, sometimes peanut butter and jelly in the earlier years, chili and spaghetti o’s in the later years. I would sometimes visit the cafeteria and downstairs campus restaurants since I chose not to have a meal plan.

After college, I ate what I ate, at home and sometimes out. My weight change happened after a few experiences in 2008. I was depressed, and I didn’t eat. I just lay in my bed and watched TV. I did eat something because I had a hunger pain, I think. My mother was worried about me because of my appearance and I looked in the mirror and my face was boney. My jeans were loose. I took her advice and went out and bought some Ensure (Wal-Mart brand) to help with the weight gain. A while later, I’m back to the appearance I was before.

When I went to seminary, I didn’t care about how I was eating. I would eat what was in the cafeteria, and get some ice cream afterwards. What I didn’t recognize is I couldn’t eat what I wanted like I used to. I first noticed it when I tried to wear a few of my pants. I had a pair of red Dickies pants, and they bear hugged the bottom half of my body. I had to upgrade my waist size in pants. I had more cheeks in my pictures, I was getting a little belly, and I had to dress the part. That’s the one thing I didn’t like about it the most, buying new close. I was around 180 pounds then. There’s a picture of me on facebook around the time I started my dreadlocks, and it’s like the camera put on pounds.


To be continued…



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