Worth The Weight? Part 2

Disclaimer: To see part 1, please see https://bmcneal728.wordpress.com/2017/03/29/worth-the-weight-part-1/

My mother and one of my cousins liked the fact that I gained weight. I started to get conscious about what I ate while in seminary and worked out maybe five times the whole time I was in seminary. After the seminary years, my weight was about the same. I remember when I hit 190, and I was like, “My weight has to go down.” I didn’t want to stop eating what I liked, but I knew I had to cut something. As a delivery driver, I struggled with my control over what I ate, especially when I hit 200 pounds. That messed me up. After that, I started to do things differently. I cut a bit of my eating out at restaurants. I also stopped eating at a certain time so that the mess won’t sit with me as I sleep (I hope that made sense). After my time as a delivery driver and into my cleaning job, I noticed my jeans being a bit loose. That’s one of the things that were good about my cleaning job. I transitioned into my current job, and I gained weight again and then some.

Regardless of what my mother thought, I had a hard time with my weight, and part of it dealt with the image. I think a lot of folks struggle with their body image. There were a few times where I looked in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. I felt like I needed to change. Time passed, and I was more accepting. The biggest thing I worried about was changing pants/ waist sizes. That meant I had to buy news pants, jeans, or whatever to go along with the change. I would have to exercise to keep the waist size. What I really should have been concerned about is my health. I want to make sure my heart and my body is working well before dealing with my body image, so it would require to me know what’s good for me.

To be continued…



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