Yum-Yum. Is It A Big Deal? A Review and Reflection

At my job, people come up to us and ask if we have yum-yum sauce. I didn’t know what yum-yum sauce was. I pointed to our sauces, and I thought our orange-looking sauce was yum-yum sauce, but it was the spicy mayo that was made. Later on in life, I decided to look for the sauce, and I did, but I forgot where I found it. I saw it again, and later I bought it.

I think I first tried it out at home. When I tasted it, I didn’t see what the big deal was about with this sauce people had requested at our restaurant. I then took it to our restaurant to see if my coworkers knew about it. It’s still in the bottom refrigerator since I don’t really put it on anything. Blending it with the steamed rice was pretty good, but it needed something else to compliment it. I couldn’t put it on some type of meat that was already seasoned and sauced up, especially with its orange color.

I thought yum-yum sauce was Thousand Island dressing without the relish. If people were blindfolded and had a taste test to see which was which over some salad, I don’t think some would tell. I had it and though I could put in on salad and not over steak, shrimp, or some other entrée.

Overall, I don’t think I will be having yum-yum sauce anytime soon. I placed it at my job, and it wasn’t used by me or anyone else for over a month until it was thrown away. I would rather eat my entrée plain or with something that would compliment it. No disrespect to folks who like yum-yum sauce on their food. It’s just not for me. They also need to know that not every Japanese or Japanese based restaurant will have it.


And I’m just getting started.




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