Thoughts on What Happened in Virginia.

It’s easy for me to write my thoughts on what went down last week during the protests and the messed-up death that happened because of conflict. It’s not easy for me to take action. I’m learning how to process this and become a voice instead of being quiet allowing things to happen.

Nothing is new under the sun. There have been protests in the past that became violent. I’m sure that there were deaths because of it, too. This one hits home, again. One side wants to express their thoughts on racial supremacy and up-keeping its history. The other side wants to disagree and remove some public property because of what it represents. What’s crazy to me, and it’s always is, is that the death was of the same race/ ethnicity. I thought it was about the preservation of the certain “race,” not destroying it.

The whole nationalist thing is messed up to me. I don’t see nothing that’s threatening their existence on this planet, yet they want to express how they’re better than everyone else. The actions because of it was never accepted, and some of it was swept under the rug. I believe all of the actions and crimes, mentioned or not, will be accounted for at the end. I’m glad that some of the government said something about it, but these things must be properly handled.

I was told how some church leaders don’t address the discrimination going on for various reasons. I was also told that the Church should be at the forefront in dealing with these issues, and I agree. The Church shouldn’t stand by and let issues slide, since the Church already faces discrimination for being the Church. They were going through stuff like this then. People have tried to live peaceful without Jesus, and it’s not working. Conflicts happen, like this nationalist stuff, and no one is truly at peace. The Church must pray, pray, and stand against the spiritual attacks of racial discrimination.

This racial stuff in America and throughout the world is too much. It’s always been Post American Civil War, people of my skin color have tried to live free, but there have been opposition to it, so what’s really going on? Why have these groups? What’s really in danger, living alongside people of color, the guilt of the actions committed, or facing the fear of being around someone who’s different?




You Can’t Do It. Really?

“You can’t do it.”- myself

People throughout history have been telling others they can’t do whatever they’re trying to do. There were some feats that seemed too impossible, but some executed them, anyway. I have been told I can’t “do it” a few times, and I’ve even done it. I think it started out when folks were young, and that mess carried on as they got older. There are some things we can’t do, but we try it anyway, like trying to lick our elbows or making sure the Broncos win the Super Bowl (just kidding).

A long time ago, I was going to practice my ukulele. I haven’t practiced in a while, but I knew what chords to play. As I was getting ready, a voice in my head said, “You can’t do it. You can’t play…” I don’t know where it came from, and it was strange that it was me that was thinking it. A while after that was going on, it was like I said to myself, “Are you sure? Watch me.” I picked up the ukulele and played, and it was like I played it yesterday.

The same thing happened to me while I was working out a few weeks ago. I was telling myself, “I can’t do it,” and I went on and carried on with the workout. I admit I did more than I was supposed to with one workout.

I don’t know what’s going on with telling myself I can’t do what I want to do. I think it stems from the past and doubt, like I can’t make things happen. I messes with me a bit, but what’s crazy is that I don’t sit around and do nothing. And the folks who said I couldn’t do it, and it was a few, are not around my life right now. When I have doubt I end up I proving myself wrong, not people, not my past, but myself.

I continue to learn that God loves me too much to not help me accomplish things. Right now, it’s working out. What’s next? I don’t know. There are many things that I want to accomplish and a lot of progress that needs to me happen. The doubt I have… is minor, especially after the accomplishment. God wants me to grow, and everyone who asks for His help.

Right now, I’m resting my body from a little workout. I know I need to have more attention to my left leg after I work the legs. I hope to get it checked on in the future, Until then, I need to ask what’s the next move is. God’s been good to me.


And I’m just getting started.



Brandon’s Poetry/ Writing Corner, 6/30/17.

Originally posted on Facebook 2/25/14.


I Treat My God like A Genie


I treat my God like a genie.

A diamond-studded crucifix hangs from my neck when people see me.

I’m so comfortable. My house fits my needs.

My car is garaged away from birds and trees.

And I drive the hybrid to work, 401K secure.

My career to my drive home is insured.

The soccer moms around the neighborhood know me as the breadwinner.

I thank God for what I have in my prayer at dinner.


I treat my God like a genie.

A diamond-studded crucifix hangs from my neck when people see me.


I can take a pillow and sleep out on the lawn.

I can relate with my wife from dusk until dawn.

My children’s schooling guarantees a bright future.

My colleagues work better than an Apple computer.

When a problem arises, I call on God

so that my standings aren’t extremely flawed,

because I don’t want to live a life ingrained in hard,

like everyone else who wants my yard.


I treat my God like a genie.

A diamond-studded crucifix hangs from my neck when people see me.


I called on Him to have money, a career, and a wife.

I called on Him because I wanted a comfortable life.

I don’t want my world to have any trouble,

so I pray to remove any hint of struggle.

For happiness, I turn to God in every research

because I want to wear a smile before I reach the church.

I treat every prayer granted as a championship.

I want everything from God except a relationship.


I treat my God like a genie.




Yum-Yum. Is It A Big Deal? A Review and Reflection

At my job, people come up to us and ask if we have yum-yum sauce. I didn’t know what yum-yum sauce was. I pointed to our sauces, and I thought our orange-looking sauce was yum-yum sauce, but it was the spicy mayo that was made. Later on in life, I decided to look for the sauce, and I did, but I forgot where I found it. I saw it again, and later I bought it.

I think I first tried it out at home. When I tasted it, I didn’t see what the big deal was about with this sauce people had requested at our restaurant. I then took it to our restaurant to see if my coworkers knew about it. It’s still in the bottom refrigerator since I don’t really put it on anything. Blending it with the steamed rice was pretty good, but it needed something else to compliment it. I couldn’t put it on some type of meat that was already seasoned and sauced up, especially with its orange color.

I thought yum-yum sauce was Thousand Island dressing without the relish. If people were blindfolded and had a taste test to see which was which over some salad, I don’t think some would tell. I had it and though I could put in on salad and not over steak, shrimp, or some other entrée.

Overall, I don’t think I will be having yum-yum sauce anytime soon. I placed it at my job, and it wasn’t used by me or anyone else for over a month until it was thrown away. I would rather eat my entrée plain or with something that would compliment it. No disrespect to folks who like yum-yum sauce on their food. It’s just not for me. They also need to know that not every Japanese or Japanese based restaurant will have it.


And I’m just getting started.



Something Small, 5/31/17.

I took time off of writing because I was getting swamped at work, and I didn’t feel creative. I had to force myself to do something creative. I started doing music, again. I didn’t know how rusty I was. It took me 5 weeks to get the meat of the thing, and it’s mainly titled that.

Last weekend, I went to a conference, meeting people from the church I used to go to back in South Carolina, including meeting new people. I didn’t know how much people grew, like in height, employment, education, and age, of course. I led a small group during discussion, 9th grade middle schoolers, and they were quiet, the opposite of what I was used to. I miss them, the church, but I’m in Kentucky, and I hope to catch up with them more often.



Worth The Weight? Part 3

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The first thing I noticed about my weight control was the fact that I have to take responsibility in what I eat. If I was working a physically demanding job, which I did, or doing physical activities that worked a sweat, I could get away with what I ate. Right now, I don’t have either, so I must fall back and pay attention. I can’t eat the mall food court everyday because I don’t have money like that, and not everything at the mall food court is good for me. My metabolism isn’t the same as it used to be. The same can be said with my body. So, I will have to work harder to lose what I can.

The second thing I noticed about my weight control was the fact that I have to be more physically active. I’m not as active as I used to be. I didn’t stay active after 2008, which was a mistake. What I want to do is take the weight I gained and convert it into muscle. It would be a miracle to lose the pounds without doing anything, but that’s not the way it goes. I must put in the work, and stay putting in the work. Just because I lose the weight doesn’t mean I stop exercising, and I think I would gain it back and more. I’m going to learn how to swim this year, and I may do free weights, two things I resisted in the past. I have a cousin who did a fitness competition, one friend lifting weights and did competition, and another lifting. I need in on it. I don’t just want to be healthy physically but also mentally and emotionally.

In 10 years, my body chemistry may change, and I don’t know what to expect. I’m getting physicals a few times a year since the country put an importance on health several years ago. At this point I’ll take advantage of the opportunities I have when it comes to health. Right now, at work I’m around food that doesn’t help folks with their health. It’s a challenge to lie off of it most of the week. It’s encouraging to find foods that promote health like tuna, bananas, and anything that doesn’t have aspartame. And it’s also encouraging to have exercises that are enjoyable and don’t get bored. I weigh what I weigh, I don’t like the look of it (on a 1-to-10 scale, a 6.5), I don’t like the limitations of it, and I’m changing it. It’s time to change.


And I’m just getting started.



Worth The Weight? Part 2

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My mother and one of my cousins liked the fact that I gained weight. I started to get conscious about what I ate while in seminary and worked out maybe five times the whole time I was in seminary. After the seminary years, my weight was about the same. I remember when I hit 190, and I was like, “My weight has to go down.” I didn’t want to stop eating what I liked, but I knew I had to cut something. As a delivery driver, I struggled with my control over what I ate, especially when I hit 200 pounds. That messed me up. After that, I started to do things differently. I cut a bit of my eating out at restaurants. I also stopped eating at a certain time so that the mess won’t sit with me as I sleep (I hope that made sense). After my time as a delivery driver and into my cleaning job, I noticed my jeans being a bit loose. That’s one of the things that were good about my cleaning job. I transitioned into my current job, and I gained weight again and then some.

Regardless of what my mother thought, I had a hard time with my weight, and part of it dealt with the image. I think a lot of folks struggle with their body image. There were a few times where I looked in the mirror and I didn’t like what I saw. I felt like I needed to change. Time passed, and I was more accepting. The biggest thing I worried about was changing pants/ waist sizes. That meant I had to buy news pants, jeans, or whatever to go along with the change. I would have to exercise to keep the waist size. What I really should have been concerned about is my health. I want to make sure my heart and my body is working well before dealing with my body image, so it would require to me know what’s good for me.

To be continued…