Highlights of the Lexington Comic Convention.

It’s been about over a week since the Lexington Comic & Toy Convention (#LCTC2016). I went on Saturday, and overall, it was cool. It was different seeing that it took about two floors this year. Here are the highlights that I can remember:

  • Much love to @KellitaSmith1. I remember her from the Bernie Mac Show and the movie Hair Show, and she’s doing her thing on the show Z Nation. About the movie she starred in she mentioned that 2 out of the 3 actresses in that movie later has received Academy Awards or nominations, and she’s next. True and I would like to see her and other actresses get roles that are challenging and respectful, and also give the Emmys a scare.
  • Much love to @TheJimCornette. I saw him at last year’s convention, and he was cool then. I got the autograph this year, and I hope he continues making moves like with his podcasts.
  • Much love to @QComics. I met them last year, and I didn’t know that somebody I knew in another life is a writer, which is cool. I got the first issue of Assassins Incorporated autographed by both the writer and the artist, and I hope they keep up the work.
  • Much love to @nealadamsdotcom. I enjoyed the story he shared about the creation of John Stewart, and I apologize for interrupting. I was excited to hear about stories like this, and I hope to make moves similar to Adams.
  • Much love to @ringtailcafe. I met them at last year’s convention, and they gave me an alternate to the superhero craze along with a few cards. I purchased issue 1 of The Confectionaries and got a free poster, and it looks good. I hope they continue with their work.
  • Much love to @thesilencecomic. I saw them at last year’s convention, the the artwork is pretty cool. They have a Kickstarter on their website, and it’s cool to check it out.
  • Much love to http://scootersbricks.com/. I saw them at last year’s convention, and Legos are a pastime of mine, so seeing them is automatic.
  • Much love to @RealBankster. I was watching him make art, and it was so cool. I was glad to see the man who drew Kyle Rayner/ Green Lantern.
  • Much love to @David_Yost, @karanashley, @catherine_sutherland, @johnnyyongbosch, and the rest of the Power Rangers. I was so nervous to speak to some of them, but I met some of them at last year’s convention. They are a stable in people’s childhood.
  • Much love to @PFHky. Please check them out.
  • Much love to http://www.kevinsteward.blogspot.com/. Check out his artwork, and I think there’s a Patreon page.
  • Much love to @pickledtweets. It was so fun hearing about Fried Pickle Noir. So much fun with the puns. Also, much love to the other artist. I couldn’t find their booth.
  • Much love to @TriconWV. If I make it, it would be a miracle.
  • Much love to @mandomercs. They put so much in their costuming.
  • Much love to @RealDDP. I didn’t know how tall he was.            There’s more that I can put in this post, but I can’t remember right now. I may come back to it later on and edit them in. Still, the convention was a cool one, and I hope the next one kills it also.


And I’m just getting started.




My New Project/ Thank You.

Hello. This week, I started a writing project that will take 5 months to complete. A page a day, 5 days a week is the plan. I am writing a story as if it’s made for a comic book. I’m into comic books, so I want to make a story that may process into one. There is a main character who is placed in a disastrous event, and discovers other characters who aids him along the way. This journey that is laid out will give them the opportunity to become heroes.

I won’t give the story away yet, because I pushing to make this project happen and have it published. This is the goal, whether is succeeds or fails. The characters and ideas are ones I had since I was a child. I grew up loving superheroes, and made some of my own. I want them to be made known with good stories.

Thank you all for reading my posts. When I started, I came from other platforms for writing, and a friend of mine was on this one. I was writing, but my friend helped me improve some technical parts. It is a blessing to know that people are checking them out. It is also a blessing to hear the voices that you all have as well. I want to encourage you all to continue using your voices on this platform, whether one person reads it or thousands.

Let’s build.